We select for you the best products from local and regional craftsmanship. We offer you the finest Lyonnais specialties: Pink Pralines and accompanying recipes, renowned chocolates, and salamis of great renown.

Locally sourced products carefully selected

Our Pink Pralines are artisanally crafted with top-quality almonds. This gives them a unique taste, sweet just right with a balanced texture that’s both crunchy and tender. We offer you a delicious Pink Praline cream recipe, allowing you to effortlessly make a Pink Praline tart yourself. For the ultimate foodies, this Praline cream becomes a spread enjoyed directly from the spoon… So, it is with great pride that we invite you to come and taste on-site, in our Lyonnais specialties boutique located in Vieux-Lyon, our Pralines and our Pink Praline nougat.

Our entire team will be at your disposal to provide advice and guide you in choosing our products. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate, we are available and will be absolutely delighted to introduce you to the specialties of our region.

Lyon specialties in Vieux-Lyon

In our shop, you can find a number of regional specialties. For example, the Cocon de Lyon, which you can once again enjoy thanks to Chocolatier Richart, the oldest chocolate delight in Lyon initiated by the great Mayor of Lyon of the time, Edouard Herriot. Also, come and discover the Lyon cork, available in three different ways, one with dark chocolate ganache with Armagnac and two with crispy hazelnut praline.

We have also collaborated with our biscuit maker on exclusive recipes using Pink Praline to offer you a range of around ten different biscuits, each as good as the others in terms of texture and crispness.

In terms of salami, we offer Rosette, Jésus, and dry sausage from Maison Duculty, also labeled E.P.V. (Living Heritage Company), a guarantee of high quality. In terms of taste, it’s hard to beat. The only solution is to come and taste and judge for yourself! Note that it is also possible to take advantage of our video shopping service to discover all our products remotely.

Finally, a newcomer to our salami range is Maison Patrimoniam, which offers organic artisanal charcuterie without nitrite!!! without preservatives and without coloring. A range offering sausage formats that are easy to transport because of their reasonable size. Note the real Lyon sausage, the original recipe made from lean pork and beef (50%/50%).